Amber Teething Bracelet by Amber Crown

I have been using amber teething necklaces for years, but this is my first time using an amber teething bracelet. I really love how this amber teething bracelet comes with authentication paperwork! I have purchased my fair share of “fake” amber items. I also like that this is a bracelet and not a necklace! Although I don’t find that ANY amber teething item helps much with pain, I do find that they help with fevers and drooling! That is the exact case with this bracelet. At first I thought “there is NO way she is going to leave that on her wrist!”, but I was so wrong! It isn’t very big, so it doesn’t slide off and get lost. It also isn’t tight enough to cut off her circulation. I put it on her little wrist and she hardly notices that its even there! These are also extremely hard to break. Before putting it on my daughter, I closed it and gave it a little tug to make sure I wouldn’t have tiny little beads flying around my house. The ends actually screw closed, unlike many that pop on and off. I find that the beads on this bracelet are rounded off, which is GREAT! Some teething necklaces and bracelets are a little pointy and can sometimes leave a little imprint on her skin. Overall this is a really good quality and I’m so happy I decided to get it!

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I received this item free for my honest opinion


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