Hazelwood Necklace by Baltic Essentials

I have tried my fair share of teething necklaces (we love our amber necklaces), but I have never had the chance to try out a hazelwood necklace. After googling the benefits of hazelwood I found that it can help joint pains, digestion disorders, heartburn, teething, and skin issues such as eczema. It works by creating a more alkaline environment in your body through direct contact with your skin. We currently use a regular amber necklace for teething, but figured I would try out the hazelwood to calm my daughter’s tummy issues and help her growing pains as well. When I received the necklace, I was very pleased. It was made well, and had an easy to screw on closure on the back. It fit my daughter (19 months old) perfectly. Like our other necklaces, she did not even notice that she had it on. It was very light. Unfortunately I did not notice a difference the first 24 hours, but I know that sometimes it takes a few days to see results. Anyone who normally uses all-natural treatments knows that sometimes (depending on the child), it may take a while to see any effects. Disclaimers state that it may take 1-2 weeks to see the full effects of hazelwood. The next day however, I started noticing that I did not need to give her as much medicine for her pain or fever. Normally I would need to give her Tylenol or Motrin a few times a day to keep her comfortable. Although she was still a tad bit fussy, I feel like the hazelwood did start taking effect fairly quickly and saved me from having to give her as much over-the-counter medicines. This was not a let down, and I plan on purchasing another in a few months (it is recommended that you replace hazelwood necklaces every 3-6 months for maximum effectiveness).

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