Moving Rocking Horse by UFREE

So my daughter absolutely LOVES her rocking horse, but has outgrown it. After searching “big kid rocking horses” on Amazon, I stumbled upon the UFREE moving rocking horse! It looks exactly like a real horse! It is made of high quality plush material, so it is extremely soft and the inside is made out of a steel frame, so it is also extremely sturdy. It did not take much to put it together. I think I only bolted one thing, and the tools to fix it came already in the box!  Unlike a regular rocking horse, this horse is able to move around! It has wheels on each of its hoofs, which allows it to roll as you bounce up and down. The momentum from your body bouncing, propels the horse forward in a “galloping” motion. This is a GREAT way to sneak some exercise into your child’s daily routine. Bouncing on the horse allows you to burn some calories while also having some fun.This horse does not require any batteries, which is fantastic! Although this horse is originally for children ages 3-9, I believe with some help it could work for younger children as well. It has  two-position stirrups to meet different peoples’ needs from 3 years to adults. We tested this pony on a number of surfaces to see which worked the best, and which was a little more difficult. I found that it worked the best on the sidewalk, and the tile in our home (although I have banned it from being ridden inside). Much to my surprise it also worked in the grass! We did need to bounce a tad bit harder though. I allowed the kids to take turns riding it up and down the street because the children in the neighborhood just HAD to try it out! It was such a huge hit! My daughter is beyond excited to leave her “baby” rocking horse behind, and hop on this “big girl” pony!

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 I received this item free for my honest opinion


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