Stadium Seat by Cascade Mountain Tech

As an avid football fan I can say that I have NEVER attended a game and sat comfortably. I have wasted my money on stadium seats in the past, but they have all broken within the first two games. They also tend to be extremely bulky, and such a hassle to carry. I was very impressed with the Cascade stadium seat. It is EXTREMELY well made, and has a very sturdy steel frame. For having a steel frame, this seat is very lightweight. I did no have any issues carrying it around. Since it is made of steel I thought it would be extremely uncomfortable, but again I was impressed. The seat cushion is extremely soft! Under the cushion, the seat is reinforced with extremely strong bungee cords! What I like most about this seat, is how easily it attaches to the stadium benches. It has a small hood in the front that folds down. You simply slide that hook under the bench to get your chair nice and sturdy! Unlike stadium seats I have tried in the past, this seat can stand completely on its own without being hooked onto a bench! That means that if they run out of bench space, I can still open my seat up and sit out the ground. After using it for a few hours, I did not have a sore back or aching muscles! It was wonderful! This chair also unfolds and folds up very easily within seconds. This would be the perfect gift for the sports fan in your family, or even your every day soccer moms! Great product!

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I received this item free for my honest opinion


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