Nap Mat by Janiebee

For the past few months my daughter has been dragging her pillow and blanket into the living room, plopping on top of them, and watching her movies. I decided to get her a cute little fold out couch, but that sure did not last long. Her little feet hung right over the edge and again she was uncomfortable. I am so glad we stumbled upon Janiebee! I absolutely love all of the different colors and designs they have! I chose the “splendor” design for my daughter. It is a very bright pink and yellow paisley design with coordinating fabrics in rose and yellow. The blanket and the pillow case are a very soft mink material. The mat is about two inches thick, which is plenty of padding for a small child. I even decided to test it out and was not uncomfortable. The entire mat is about 21 inches wide and 53 inches long, so I find it is a lot bigger than normal nap mats. My one year old loves it, but it could easily accommodate an older child as well. As a mom, my favorite thing about this mat is that it is MACHINE WASHABLE! With a toddler, you can see how this could be a big deal to me! I really love how this nap mat can be rolled up and has velcro straps to keep it closed. This makes it easy to store and easy to bring on-the-go. This is especially good for trips to Nana’s house, or trips to the babysitter’s! It even has a little strap on top for easy carrying! Since I chose to have her name put on it (you can personalize them for about $12 extra), we will continue to use this once she enters preschool. These are such a great gift for children and toddlers of any age, not just children in school!  My daughter is so in love with her mat, and pulls it out every time she is ready to sleep or watch a movie. Overall, we LOVE our Janiebee nap mat and highly suggest purchasing one!

Purchase The “Splendor” Nap Mat!

Check Out Their Website!Untitled.png

I received this item free for my honest opinion


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