iFever Smart Thermometer by Vipose

When my daughter is sick, it is EXTREMELY hard to get her to settle down long enough to get a correct temperature. I always feel like my readings are incorrect because she pulls away so frequently. Whoever created this iFever smart thermometer is a genius! The iFever goes around your child’s upper arm as close to the armpit as it will go.  Since the band is breathable and can be easily adjusted,  it is suitable for babies and children of all ages. The band is made out of a very soft elastic material which excludes excess heat and moisture and avoids irritating your baby’s sensitive skin. The iFever connects to an app which you must download on your phone (compatible with most iPhone and Samsung phones). Once the iFever is placed correctly on your child’s arm, the app begins to continuously monitor your child’s temperature. Not only does it give you the most recent temperature but it also lets you check your child’s previous temperatures AND shows you a chart of how their temperature has fluctuated over the hours. This is perfect for if you need to go to the doctors office because you can simply pull out your phone and show them everything they need to know! Since the band is safe to leave on overnight, you can sleep peacefully without having to wake up and take a temperature every four hours. The app will alert you if the child knocks the band out of place, of if your child gets a sudden spike in temperature. If you are not leaving it on to monitor your child and are only using it for a one-time reading, I find it only takes about two seconds to get an accurate temperature. Such a great product to have on hand!

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I received this item free for my honest opinion


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