Leopard Print Adult Footed Pajamas by Big Feet Pajama Co

I was beyond excited for this to come in the mail. I have been looking for an adult onesie, but I had trouble finding one that I like and one that fits properly. I am 5 foot 2 inches, and I am about 150 pounds. I ordered the medium which fits PERFECTLY. These footed pajamas are made to be a little over sized and baggy so that it is a comfortable fit. This onesie is also very soft. It is made of a plush material similar to a fleece baby blanket. This is also EXTREMELY easy to maneuver in while lounging around and sleeping. It is not too tight so it is not hot or uncomfortable. This was very easy to get on and take off. It has a zipper that zips up the front which allows for easy wear. I really like how this has pockets built into the front so I can easily carry around my phone. With this specific style, I also have a “drop seat” on the butt part. I thought this was absolutely hilarious. It allows me to use the restroom without having to take the entire onesie off! The nonslip grips on the bottom of the feet come in extremely handy. Since the material is extremely soft, I would fall easily without the slip grips. Since I am obsessed with the bright leopard pattern, and wear this thing almost everywhere. Yesterday I wore it outside while checking the mail, and got many compliments from my neighbor. My family also loves this and asked me to buy them each one for Christmas. I initially purchased this so that I could match my daughter. When she noticed that mommy was in a onesie that looked exactly like hers, she was all smiles! So glad we got this!

Buy These Leopard Footed Pajamas Now!

Buy These Leopard Footed Pajamas (with a drop-seat) Now!

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