Custom Wine Glass by Indy Art Chick

I am absolutely THRILLED to be reviewing this custom wine glasses. This is exactly what I have been looking for! When I contacted the shop owner, she was extremely nice and easy to work with! I told her what I wanted, and received my items less than a week later. The wine glasses were packed extremely nice. Not only were they packed with lots of paper (to prevent them from breaking ) but they were also packaged in their own ADORABLE little boxes! The design on the package is completely hand painted. The painting was clean and well designed. I absolutely LOVE the “you can’t sip with us” saying. As a fan of “Mean Girls” I though the saying was extremely catchy. I ended up ordering two of these ( one for me and one for my best friend ) because I liked them so much! When I received the glasses in the mail, I immediately did the scrub test. I did not want to give this glass to my best friend and the paint end up scrubbing off a week later. Much to my surprise, the paint did not chip or scrub off. I am extremely impressed with these glasses! They surpassed my expectations by a long-shot!

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Samples provided for review


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