Lemon & Amethyst Teething Necklace from Baltic Essentials

I am always intrigued when I stumble upon new toddler teething necklaces. Ever since my daughter started teething, I have been fascinated with the natural benefits they offer. Although I have tried my fair share of these amber necklaces, I have yet to use one that incorporates amethyst. Amethyst relieves stress, soothes irritability and balances mood swings (anger, rage, fear, and anxiety). The baltic amber will help relieve pain and help with inflammation caused by teething. When worn against the skin, your baby’s body temperature will gently warm the beads releasing oils into the body. My daugher has just reached the fantastic “terrible twos” and has developed separation anxiety. Since I have been using amber teething necklaces for a few years, I know that it sometimes takes a few days for the benefits to take effect (please remember to take these off while your child sleeps). However, after one day of use I noticed slight changes in my daughter’s mood. I do not believe this is a “miracle” necklace because my daughter is still having separation anxiety, but I do notice that her fits are not as severe. After a week of use, her mood swings have become less frequent (she’s a toddler so we can only expect so much) and I notice a slight change in her overall demeanor.  So far this has become one of my favorite teething necklaces! Other than the benefits it offers, let’s not leave out how completely adorable it is! These necklaces are NOT made for your babies to chew on.  These are made to worn directly on the skin. Since each of these necklaces are hand crafted, I feel fairly secure placing this on my daughter’s neck.  They are knotted before and after each bead so that if my daughter somehow manages to break it, only one bead will come off! On the back of the necklace there is a plastic screw clasp which is designed to release if excessive force is applied (for obvious safety reasons). These necklaces are very lightweight, so my daughter doesn’t even remember she has it on! One of our new favorites!

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