Badge Reels from Pine Trees Boutique

It’s always nice to get cute little work accessories to brighten up my day while I am at work!  That’s why I was super excited to check out these custom badge reels from Pine Trees Boutique! I normally wear my ID badge on a lanyard, but it sometimes gets in the way.  The shop owner, Brittany Irwin, was extremely nice and great to work with. I loved how I was able to choose any fabric color and vinyl I wanted for my reel. This allowed me to customize my badge reel to fit my personality instead of just picking one off the shelf. I was SUPER impressed by how quickly my order shipped out. Most custom orders have a turn around time of about two weeks, but this shop’s turn around time is about 1-3 business days.  I contacted Mrs. Brittany about my custom reels on Tuesday, and received my reels the following week! I am very impressed with my order. These badge reels are fairly small, so they don’t get in the way of anything. The clip on the back is super sturdy and holds a nice tight grip on my shirt. The plastic snap is also very tight so I don’t have to worry about my ID falling off during the day. The colors on all three of my badge reels are very vibrant and easily seen. Today I wore my custom monogram reel and received a TON of compliments. I can’t wait to wear my mermaid badge and my cinderella badge. Since these are EXTREMELY reasonably priced, I may purchase some for my coworkers!

Order A Monogrammed Badge Reel

Order A Mermaid Badge Reel

Order A Cinderella Castle Badge Reel

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Sample Provided for review. 

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