Grippies Builders from Guidecraft

My two year old daughter is absolutely IN LOVE with these Grippies! Grippies are a STEM  building system for toddlers that allow tactile exploration, magnetic play, and they are able to introduce the basic engineering principles. This 20 piece kit came with 4 different textures and 4 different color rods. Each rod and ball easily connect together and my daughter is able to create whatever comes to her imagination! All of the pieces are fairly large, so my daughter is able to get a good grip on the pieces without needing to ask for my help. The ends of the rods hold a very strong magnetic connection, so the balls do not easily fall off unless she yanks them off to create a different shape. She did have a little trouble when trying to connect two matching magnetic pieces (obviously two negatives wont connect) but I was able to introduce the “opposites attract” concept. I was very surprised at how quickly she caught on!  I can honestly say that I have never seen a toy quite like this on the market. I love watching the  wheels turning in my daughter’s head as she figures out where to place her rods! Such a cute learning set!

Buy A Set Now!wp-1460765864504.jpg

Sample provided for review


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