Puzzles from The Learning Journey Int.

My daughter is a HUGE fan of puzzles, so I was excited for her to test out these two puzzles from The Learning Journey International.  We received the safari version of the “My First Lift and Learn puzzle” and the itsy bitsy spider version of the  “My First Sing Along Puzzle”. My daughter was initially drawn to the lift and learn puzzle. This puzzle had photos underneath the pieces which helped my daughter figure out where each piece needed to go. Both the board and the eight puzzle pieces were made of very thick and sturdy wood, so it was impossible to bend or snap. I believe this type of puzzle is perfect for kids who are learning the basics of problem solving. The “My First Sing Along Puzzle” was very unique. My daughter loved this as well, but it was a bit more difficult for her. Instead of eight thick pieces, this puzzle has 12 regular puzzle pieces. Although each piece is fairly large, there are no photos underneath to guide your child. This puzzle would be perfect for children who already know the basics of problem solving. What makes this puzzle unique is the sound module included in the puzzle. When the puzzle is complete, there is a small circle at the top left corner where the sound module fits. With a touch of a button, the module sings the itsy bitsy spider. My daughter loved pressing this once her puzzle was complete!  Both of these puzzles would be perfect for any toddler who enjoys problem solving activities!

Buy The “My First Sing Along Puzzle”- Itsy Bitsy Spider

Buy The “My First Lift And Learn Puzzle” -Safari

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