PupJoy Subscription Box

I have no idea why i’ve never thought of this, but PupJoy subscription boxes are absolutely genius! I buy toys and snacks for my daughter 24/7, but what about my furbaby? PupJoy is a monthly subscription box that sends a customized box of dog goodies to your home. You can pick the box size (Uno for single/small dogs, or Grande for multiple/big dogs), the box type (treats, toys, accessories, or all of the above), treat preference (all natural, grain sensitive, protein sensitive, or organic), toy preference (egalitarian, inquisitive, or sensitive), and dog size (tea cup, small, medium, large, or huge). Each box is completely custom packed to your furbaby’s needs. You can also choose from a monthly subscription, a bi-monthly subscription, or a quarterly subscription.  Prices range from $23/per box  to $44/per box depending on subscription. The quarterly subscription seems like the best option because you save a total of 16% compared to ordering monthly. For my miniature schnauzer I ordered the grande organic small dog box filled with treats, toys and accessories.  I received Beddy-Bye organic dog biscuits, Coconut Lemoncello Maggie’s Macaroons from CocoTherapy, Wagatha’s organic dog biscuits , a Warriorz chew toy from zippy paws, and an orbee-tuff toy from Planet Dog. My pup was very satisfied with his box and immediately claimed the toys as his own. He also adored the selection of dog treats and begged for seconds. I am very impressed with our PupJoy subscription box and plan on continuing with our plan. After further reading about PupJoy, I found out that they donate a full 10% of our purchase price to North Shore Animal League America which is the world’s largest no-kill shelter. Not only do we love our box, we love the fact that we are supporting no-kill shelters! Use the code “GetYourRescueOn” when you place your order and you can help North Shore Animal League America to!

Start Your PupJoy Subscription Today!


Sample Provided For Review

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