WindTunnel® 3 High Performance Vacuum from Hoover

For the past two years we have struggled with finding (and keeping) a great vacuum. We have went through a total of four vacuums all of which failed us. This WindTunnel® 3 High Performance Pet Bagless Upright vacuum from Hoover is exactly what my family needed! In our home we have a toddler, a dog, and two cats which means we are ALWAYS cleaning! This vacuum was fairly easy to set up and only took me approximately ten minutes. Before using the vacuum, I had to make sure to turn the dial (located near the side) on the correct option. There is a floor option as well as a hose option. Since I was doing my carpets first, I also had to set the height adjustments to the proper setting. The Hoover WindTunnel® 3 has 7 height adjustment positions ranging from bare floor to high pile carpet. I was immediately impressed with the results I received after my first use. The Hoover WindTunnel® 3 is designed with three channels of suction that lifts and removes deep-down dirt. I was able to remove cat hair and teddy gram crumbs from our mid-height carpet with just one pass. It also worked well on our low-height area rugs! Since this vacuum comes with a ton of unique tools, I was able to get more than just the carpet! The multi-floor brushroll allows me to move from carpet to hardwood with just a press of a pedal. Since my dog and cat food is always placed on tile, I was extremely excited to see how easily it removed spilled hard pet food. The Hoover WindTunnel® 3 is also built to drop filter-clogging dirt out of the airstream which helps the filter stay clean and prevents any clogging. The primary filter is reusable which means I can simply clean it off every two months (or as needed). The HEPA filter, which traps 99.97% of dirt and dust, can also be cleaned every six months. I was very excited to test out the rubberized pet tool pack that this vacuum came equipped with. This pack is made especially to remove stubborn pet hair and to get into hard to reach spaces. The rubberized pet pack included a turbo tool and an upholstery tool which cleans furniture, stairs, and other decor. It also included a telescoping extension wand that extends the reach of the hose to 15″ and a crevice tool that gets into small cracks and crevices. One of my favorite features this vacuum has is the bottom-release cup. Instead of having to dump all of my dirt out and getting it all over my hands, I can simply hold the cup over a trash can and empty it with a push of a button. This Hoover WindTunnel® 3 is by far one of the best vacuums I have had the pleasure of trying. I was able to get my entire house clean with one pass and since it has a 40′ cord, I was able to do so without needing to unplug. Also for being as heavy duty as this vacuum is, it was extremely lightweight! We are 100% satisfied!

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Already have a Hoover WindTunnel® 3 and need help putting it together?  Watch this short “how-to” video on assembly.

Already have a Hoover WindTunnel® 3 and need help applying the correct settings?  Watch this short “how-to” video on settings

Already have a Hoover WindTunnel® 3 and need to clean your filters? Watch this short “how-to” video on filter cleaning.

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