Iron Scroll Rocker from Best Choice Products

I am beyond impressed with my new iron scroll rocker from Best Choice Products! The rocker came unassembled, but was fairly easy to put together. It came with two side pieces, a back piece, a seat, two rods, and twelve hex head cap screws. This rocker did not come with any instructions, however it was fairly obvious where each piece went. It took me about ten minutes total to put it together without anyones help (anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the building type). For being super sturdy, I was surprised at how lightweight it is. I can move it around my patio with no issues. I love how this rocker is fairly wide. I can easily fit on it and kick my feet up. It even has enough room for my daughter to sit with me! It has a 250 pound weight limit, so holding more than one person at a time isn’t an issue.  I absolutely love the beautiful black finish and the swirl designs on the handles.  I can’t wait to add a nice cushion to this chair so that it can match the rest of my patio furniture! Such a great addition to our set!

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Sample Provided For Review


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