12V Ride on Car With Remote from Best Choice Products

I am absolutely in LOVE  with this 12v ride on car from Best Choice Products! My daughter is very girly, so I was excited to find a ride on car that would match her personality! The car arrived unassembled, so I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to put it together by myself. However, I was able to get the car completely together in about forty-five minutes. I was very impressed with how realistic this car was! It imitates a real engine sound when turned on and even includes a seat belt for my daughter to buckle up! Although the car has 6 pre-programmed songs, it also has a place to plug in an AUX cord. This means she can plug in her iPod and jam out to her very own Disney Jr songs! The knob inside of the car allows my daughter to control her own music volume. This car really has everything she could possibly need! Since my daughter is only two years old, I love the idea of being able to control the car via the wireless remote. I can steer her around the park without worrying about her driving off into the road, or getting the car stuck in a hole. Whats even better, is she thinks she is steering it all by herself! She doesn’t even realize anyone is helping her control it! Once she is a little older and can steer the car on her own, all I’ll have to do is flip one switch on the dashboard and she will have total control via the car’s pedals. Since this car has a weight capacity of 65 pounds, she can ride this for a few more years! This ride on car is capable of going forward as well as reverse, has an easily accessible ON/OFF button, and can go from high speed (up to 3.5 MPH) to low speed or idle with just a flip of a switch! It also has two rechargeable 12v batteries (fully charges in about 8-12 hours), so we never have to worry about the car dying while in use! This is one of the best made toys I have ever seen! Not only is the quality amazing, but it kept my daughter (as well as some of the neighborhood kids) occupied for HOURS!

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