1Up Subscription Box

My cousin is completely obsessed with anything game related. He is obsessed with World of Warcraft, lives on Minecraft and is the true definition of a “Gamer”. When I seen this 1Up subscription box I knew it was right up his alley. 1Up Box is a monthly box that offers creative and unique items specifically targeted at “geeks” and “gamers”. 1Up offers their subscribers gear, snacks, toys, art, and other gamer-related items based around new hit games and shows! This month’s box was nothing less than awesome. I received a POP Games World Of Warcraft Lady Sylvanas figurine, a Viking Pin, a Vault bookmark, a sheet of Assassin Emoji stickers, and an exclusive 1Up Buddies shirt. My cousin immediately noticed the Assassin’s Creed and World Of Warcraft references which made him love the box even more! After opening everything up, we were both extremely impressed with the quality of everything sent. I do not consider myself a gamer whatsoever, but I found the items quite interesting and the references were very easy to understand. Even if I would not have had a “gamer” with me, I would’ve still understood what everything in the box was. This would be a great gift for ANYONE, not just “geeks” or “gamers”. Such a cool monthly box!

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game box 1

Sample Provided For Review


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