Saucony Baby Kineta Alternative Closure Sneakers from Tinysoles

My daughter and I are completely in love with these multicolored Saucony Baby Kineta Alternative Closure sneakers from Tinysoles! My daughter is currently in a size 6 and we find that these sneakers are fairly true to size. They are a great fit and offer a little extra growing room. Unlike regular lace-up sneakers, these alternative closure sneakers were very easy to slip onto my daughter’s feet. The wide hook-and-loop closure made it very easy to adjust the fit even while she was trying to squirm away. My daughter prefers to be barefoot, so I was very surprised when she did not request to take these off. Not only did she love the bright fun colors, but she said they did not hurt her toes. These Saucony Baby Kineta Alternative Closure sneakers have 2U memory foam inside which make these sneakers extremely comfortable for her to wear for long periods of time. They are also designed to be extremely breathable so her tiny feet don’t get all sweaty and stinky. I was extremely impressed with the rubber outsole on these shoes. I noticed that they would bend as she ran giving her more traction similar to my adult athletic shoes. Also like my adult athletic shoes, these Saucony Baby Kineta Alternative Closure sneakers are extremely durable and easy to clean. My daughter has been wearing these outside all day and there are no scratches or scuff marks. Also, I was able to wipe them off with a baby wipe and remove all the dirt off of the sides. These are by far some of the best sneakers my daughter has ever owned. Since Tinysoles has such a large variety, I plan on purchasing her a few more pair including some sandals and rain boots!

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