BubbleBum Booster Seat

If your family travels a lot transferring your child’s booster seat could be a pain. Normal booster seats are bulky and take up a lot of room. Some boosters aren’t even allowed on airplanes. BubbleBum booster seats are so much more convenient than regular booster seats! These booster seats inflate and deflate for easy use and storage. They even fold up and fit into their very own carrying bag . I thought these seats would need some special pump to inflate them, but surprisingly it inflates by mouth. There is a little twist valve on the side of the seat which holds and releases air.  These BubbleBum booster seats are ideal for children 4-11 years old, 40 to 100 pounds, and up to 57″. When inflated the seat measures 11X11X4.5 inches and when deflated he seat measures 11.8X5.9X3.9 inches. This makes it ideal for traveling, rental cars, airplanes, carpooling, school trips, and transferring between vehicles. We can even use it as a booster in restaurants or a cushion for stadium seats! When not in use, the BubbleBum booster can easily fit inside of a bookbag or purse. Since this booster is so convenient I assumed it would be lacking a bit on the safety scale. Surprisingly this booster has all of the features a regular booster would have. It is suitable with all vehicles fitted with a three-point seat belt, offers two belt positioning clips, and is approved by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. Although this is not a 5 point harness booster, it is ideal for older children and children on-the-go. This will save us lots of space, time, and our sanity on future trips!

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