ZoomKIT & Activity Inserts from Kids Go Co

This ZoomKIT and activity inserts from Kids Go Co is a fantastic way to keep my daughter entertained while at home or even while away on a trip!  The ZoomKIT activity table is made with EVA foam which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to transport. The legs of the tray can pop on and off for easy storage and set up. Also, the sides of the tray feature easy grip cut-out handles making it easy to carry for adults AND children. Since my daughter is currently in a destructive phase, I was a little nervous she would ruin this easily. However the foam makes it highly durable and easy to clean. She can stand on it (which I obviously try to avoid happening) without bending or snapping it, and it is extremely easy to clean when she writes on it or spills her food. Since this ZoomKIT is so versatile it can be used in the car, as well as around the house. It came with an attachable strap meant to fasten around the child while in use. My daughter didn’t particularly like being strapped to it so we simply removed them and stored them for later use. One of my favorite features about this tray is that you can purchase adorable inserts to go along with it. Although the ZoomKIT comes with a plain insert box that I can store my daughter’s personal toys in, the other inserts are perfect for us!  In this case we received the ZoomSNACK and the ZoomART inserts. The ZoomSNACK is sort of like a little lunch box that snaps into the ZoomKIT tray. It has two small compartments and one large compartment to hold food and snacks. Since the ZoomKIT already has a small cup holder at the top right corner this insert makes the ZoomKIT the perfect portable lunch tray! It even has a small spork which is attached so that my daughter can’t drop it onto the floor. The ZoomART insert is my daughter’s favorite! It came with four markers, four crayons, two activity books, an eraser, and a booklet of stickers. The dry erase board features little maze activities which my daughter can complete and erase as many times as she’d like. The other activity book is an adorable little coloring book. My daughter played on this ZoomKIT tray for hours switching between the ZoomSNACK and the ZoomART all on her own. She walked it around the house and would sit in different spots just to show everyone what she could do! I can’t wait to try this in the car on our next family outing!

Purchase This ZoomKIT & Activity Inserts in Fuchsia!

Purchase This ZoomKIT & Activity Inserts In Turquoise!

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