Wellements Baby Products

Since my daughter was born I have been big into finding the best all natural products. Wellements offers the most natural and effective products that can help newborns all the way into their toddler years. I was very impressed to find that none of the products from  Wellements have damaging additives, unnecessary preservatives, or harmful chemicals. They only use simple, natural, and organic ingredients in all of their products!   We received a full size bottle of Gripe Water, Baby Move, Baby Tooth Oil, and Probiotic Gripe Water. We also received three samples and coupons of the Baby Move (which my friends quickly snatched up). The gripe water and the probiotic gripe water are fairly similar.  Both work as an herbal supplement that helps to ease stomach discomfort and gas. This comes in very handy for colic or the hiccups! This gripe water and the probiotic gripe water is safe, fast, and effective! It is also gluten, dairy, soy, paraben and alcohol free. The Wellements Baby Move is one of my favorite Wellements products. It is a natural prune concentrate and prebiotics formula designed to help children with occasional constipation. Since my daughter is two, we use 4 ½ ml. mixed with 3 oz. of water and get results within an hour! My daughter loves the sweet flavor and has no issues drinking all three ounces. The Baby Move is also gluten, soy and alcohol free. Wellements Baby Tooth Oil is a fairly new product to me. It is a natural clove oil and vitamin E formula designed to ease pain associated with teething. It is free of benzocaine which is the main pain relieving ingredient in competitor brands. It has a fairly sweet flavor so my daughter did not mind me placing a few drops onto her back teeth. Since it is completely natural, I can reapply it every 1-2 hours up to six times a day. I did find that it was easier to apply using a Q-Tip instead of my finger. Overall Wellements is one of the best all-natural medicine brands I have ever tried for my daughter. Their large line of products is amazing and most definitely worth the cost. Although the cost is a little more than the average product (not much more to be honest) the long-term health benefits of avoiding toxins found in other over the counter medicine is astonishing! My family and I will continue to use Wellements as long as we possibly can!

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