The Duchess Of Sofa-Savers from Cat Trees

When I got my cat a few months ago, I had no idea anything like this existed. My sweet cat Binx decided the corner of my sofa was the PERFECT place to stretch and scratch. The Duchess of Sofa-Savers is a 24″X10″ sisal-covered panel that is designed to protect couch corners. There was a little bit of assembly required but everything I needed was included and it only took me about 3 minutes. There is a 8” x 10” laminate foot that simply needs to be attached to the bottom of the sofa-saver so that it easily slides underneath the legs of the couch. This keeps it in place and prevents it from getting knocked over. Since my furniture is light olive green, I chose the light sisal option so that it would closely match the color of my couch. There is also a dark sisal option which would better match a dark brown or deep beige. Also, all of Cat Trees’ materials are cat-safe and approved by veterinarians so I feel comfortable knowing this tool is safe for my furbaby. My cat was skeptical about the sofa-saver at first. He walked around it, sniffed it, and after a few minutes he decided it wasn’t so bad after all. Since he has already ruined my first couch, I plan on purchasing MULTIPLE sofa-savers when we purchase our next living room set. Lesson quickly learned: Sofa-savers are a cat-lover MUST HAVE!

Purchase The Duchess Of Sofa-Savers Today!

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Sample Provided For Review


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