Princess All-In-One Gift Set From I See Me

My daughter is completely amazed by her princess all-in-one-gift set from I See Me. I See Me completely customizes children’s books and places your child INSIDE of the story! With the princess story I was able to incorporate my child’s name, skin tone, hair color, real life photo, hometown, birthday, pet name, and favorite colors. I was also able to include some of her best traits so that the princess acts exactly like her! For my daughter Kinsley I chose a lighter skin tone, brown hair, and a pink dress (obviously her favorite color). Princess Kinsley wore an aquamarine crown to match her birthstone color and had a pony named Tinkerbell (which is my daughter’s favorite cartoon at the moment). Flipping through the pages my daughter was AMAZED that Princess Kinsley was EXACTLY like her! They were both funny, creative, and kind. They also both loved the same foods, and lived in similar “kingdoms”. Seeing her face light up as she realized the book was about her was priceless. This set is worth every penny! I mean, what girl would’t want to star in her very own princess book? As far as quality, I was extremely impressed. The hardcover “A Day in the Life of a Princess” book was very well made. It did not bend or scratch easily. The pages were glossy and had nice vivid colors. The “Royal Princess Adventure” coloring and activity book was also very adorable! The inside was filled with custom coloring pages, word puzzles, and other little games. It also had a cute little short-story on the inside. This set would make any little princess happy! Also, I See Me has so many options that I could start my daughter an entire collection of unique personalized story books!

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