Custom Coordinate Bracelet from Mignon & Mignon

I have always been a fan of dainty jewelry, so when I seen this custom coordinate bracelet from Mignon & Mignon I knew I HAD to have it! I chose to have the coordinates to the hospital where I had my daughter. What better way to remember such a special place? I also chose to have it silver plated since it already has such a simple elegant design.  I have problems with bracelets always fitting me funny, so I was excited to find that this bracelet is adjustable. It has a small clamp that allows me to choose how tight I want I want the 8 inch chain to be around my wrist. The coordinate bar itself is about 1.5 inches in length, which is absolutely perfect!  This plated bracelet is fairly strong, but does require some extra care. When doing strenuous activities, it is best to remove the bracelet so it doesn’t snap or wear away from sweat.  Just like other plated jewelry, it is best to avoid contact with body oils or household cleaners. To clean it, all I have to do is rub it with a soft cloth and it’s good as new.  I have gotten so many compliments on this bracelet already! Its dainty design is eye catching, yet not over-the-top! I am thrilled with the finished product and definitely recommend this shop to anyone!

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Sample Provided For Review

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