Lincoln’s Tunnel from Cat Trees

My cat loves his new Lincoln’s Tunnel from Cat Trees! This tunnel came completely assembled so thankfully all I had to do was find a spot for it. This tunnel is 16″X12″X10″ and only weighs 12 pounds so it can fit just about anywhere in the home. I decided to place it in the corner of my bedroom (hopefully he will stay off of my pillow while i’m trying to sleep). The Lincoln’s Tunnel is completely carpeted on the inside for maximum comfort and has a sisal pad covered exterior for scratching. My cat tends to be a little shy, so this is the perfect place for him to hide from people he doesn’t know.  One of the best things about this tunnel is that it is 100% customizable. There are 2 sisal colors (light and dark) and 17 carpet colors (light, dark, red, maroon, hot pink, light pink, orange, yellow, green, hunter green, royal blue, light blue, navy blue, purple, black, white, and gray). I chose a simple light tan option for my cat however I can choose a light sisal with pink top carpet and white bottom carpet for my daughter’s kitten. This makes it super easy to find cat furniture that matches perfectly with my home decor! Now nothing looks out of place! Once I placed this tunnel on the floor, my cat immediately jumped inside. I thought he would have to warm-up to it, but NOPE! It was instantly his new favorite spot! Such a great investment for my fur-baby! Kitty-approved for sure!

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