Matching “Mama Bear” & “Baby Bear” Cups from Toby’s Trendy Treasures

My daugher is 100% my mini-me. Anything I do, she wants to do. So naturally when I seen these mommy and me cups, I couldn’t pass them up! The mommy mug is a double walled 16 oz thermos and the baby mug is a double walled 10 oz thermos. Those are perfect sizes for us! I was able to customize the glitter color, but my daughter and I are definitely girly girls!  When I received the cups, I was immediately impressed! The lids are screw on lids and have open/close slider. Since my daughter is still fairly young, I was happy to find that even if tipped over these don’t leak very much. The glitter on the bottom is sealed, so I also don’t have to worry about my daughter leaving an annoying glitter trail around my house! The instructions say to wash these with a soft sponge and pat dry to prevent the wording from coming off. I washed them per the instructions soon after receiving them and didn’t have any issues with anything peeling. Since this was a surprise, I decided to wait until the next morning to show my daughter. I woke up the next morning and fixed my coffee like I do every day, except this time I made her a glass too (of chocolate milk of course hehe). Seeing my daughter’s face light up when she realized her cup matched mine was priceless! She spent all morning bragging about how she had a “big girl cup” like mommy!  These are such a hit!

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