Custom Vertical Bar Necklace from Mignon & Mignon

This vertical bar necklace from Mignon & Mignon is a FANTASTIC addition to my jewelry collection! I chose to have my name engraved into this delicate 1 1/16 inch charm.  I also chose the silver plated option because I prefer a more subtle look. When I received my necklace, it looked exactly as described on the website! The lettering was cute and they even added a small heart to the end. The chain features an easy-open clasp, so it was very easy to get on and off. I didn’t need anyone’s help to get it on! The chain is about 17.5 inches which is great because I love short chains.  It fell right at my chest bone which is where I prefer my necklaces to fall. I have gotten many compliments on this adorable little necklace and plan on ordering my best friend one with her name on it as well!

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Sample Provided For Review


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