Hello Products: Toothpaste

Most leading brands of toothpaste have ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. I don’t feel comfortable using unnecessary ingredients to clean my family’s teeth! That is why I recently switched to Hello Products toothpaste. Hello Products toothpaste is an all natural toothpaste that does not include any dyes, artificial sweeteners or preservatives! Hello also clearly lists all of their ingredients on the back of their BPA free bottles. Since their product line is so large, there is a toothpaste to meet everyone’s need! I received some adult extra whitening toothpaste, some adult supermint toothpaste, some adult mojito mint toothpaste, some toddler fluoride free watermelon toothpaste, some kids blue raspberry toothpaste and some kids bubble gum toothpaste. The Hello adult extra whitening toothpaste is one of my favorites. It naturally whitens teeth with no peroxide! It uses a stevia, silica, and calcium carbonate blend to gently whiten teeth within a few weeks. It also has a light mint flavor to freshen breath. The adult supermint toothpaste is a refreshing blend of mint, spearmint, and peppermint! It leaves my mouth feeling squeaky clean and fresh! Mojito Mint is a FANTASTIC flavor for people who don’t like super-minty toothpaste. It still leaves a clean refreshed feeling and freshens breath, but it it has more of a subtle mint taste. My daughter is head over heels for the kids’ line! We previously used the fluoride free watermelon flavor which was a huge hit with my daughter. I didn’t have to worry about her accidently swallowing any of the paste and it left her teeth super clean! We got great reviews at her first dentist trip! Since she is a little older now, we switched to the blue raspberry and bubblegum fluoride toothpastes. These toothpastes are great for children over two since they have added fluoride. The Hello Products kids’ toothpaste is clinically proven to prevent cavities without all of those nasty artificial ingredients! The best part is, my daughter LOVES the flavors! Since she can’t decide which flavor she loves more, she alternates between the two! I absolutely love what Hello Products stand for. These products are such a great quality, and I feel good giving them to my family!

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