Soft Utility Tote from Thirty-One

I have always been a fan of Thirty-One products, and this soft utility tote is no exception! This tote is about 13’H X 15.5″ L X 11″ D which makes it the perfect size for on-the-go! It has a large middle compartment, along with a small side pocket. To test out the bag, I stuffed it with my daughter’s weekend gear. This included her backpack, a suit of clothes, her favorite pillow, her blankie, and her babydoll. I was able to stuff everything neatly inside and STILL had room to put more! Since this bag has side ties and a snap closure, I was able to lock secure everything inside without fear of anything falling out. I really loved the material that this bag is made of. The straps are extremely soft and easy to carry, and the body is made of a nice waterproof material. While carrying, this bag hangs to my hipbone which is were I prefer larger bags to stop. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the quality of this Thirty-One bag. Not to mention the design is perfect for everyone in the family to use!

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Sample Provided For Review

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