Custom Dainty Name Necklace from Mignon & Mignon

This gorgeous dainty name necklace from Mignon & Mignon would be a great gift for anyone in the family! I was extremely excited to order this for my daughter! This necklace features a small 35 mm x 3.5 mm rectangle bar with a custom name stamp. I was able to get my daughter’s name stamped (12 character limit) and was also able to choose from a rose gold , gold, or silver finish. Since this necklace is plated, it is much better choice for my daughter’s sensitive skin. The chain is about 17.5″ long and offers an easy-open clasp in the back. Since I did order this for my daughter, I have to help her take good care of it. Mignon & Mignon suggests removing their jewelry before bathtime, the pool, the spa, or the beach! They also suggest avoiding contact with perfumes, oil, and household cleaners. To clean this necklace, all I need is a soft cloth!  I am so glad I ordered this for Kinsley. She can wear this now as a child, and still wear it when she is a bit older! Such a timeless piece!

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