PetPack: Cat Box

As an avid cat-lover, I really loved the idea of a monthly subscription box for my furbaby. I’m always too busy to go out shopping for new toys and treats, so I couldn’t pass this box up! Each month PetPack sends out a box of hand-selected cat (or dog) goodies! On average I spend about $40-$50 on cat toys and treats a month, so this box is a fantastic deal! Cat packs start at $19 a month for a six month subscription.  I really love that they also offer individual items! In this month’s box, Binx received some paw wipes, a Kong refillable catnip turtle, a bag of Zukes Natural Purrz,  a bag of Meowgaritas, and a lavender scented stuffed fish. This box had a value well over the $20 subscription fee! My cat LOVED the Kong turtle and I can’t wait to give him some treats! Not only is this box saving me time, but it’s also saving me money! I seriously love whoever came up with this idea!

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