Personalized Kid’s Birthstone Necklace from Gracefully Made

This personalized kid’s birthstone necklace is the perfect gift for any mother, mother-to-be, or grandparent! This necklace can be made to accommodate as little as one stone and disk all the way up to five stones and disks! Since my daughter is my only child, I got the one disk with her name on it along with her March (Aquamarine) birthstone charm. When I received my package, it was placed in a classic little cardboard box which I thought was nice. The necklace itself was FANTASTIC. The hand stamped disk was about 5/8″ inches and hung on an 18″ oval link chain. The birthstone charm hung right above the typewriter font name which I thought was beyond adorable. I really love the fact that this necklace is very simple and elegant, but also shows off a lot of personality. I also like that I can add on more disks and charms if I ever decide to have more children! Such an adorable piece! I can’t wait to show it off!


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