Back To School With BlueSky

Not only does BlueSky have everything I need for my office, they have a GREAT back to school selection!  BlueSky has an extremely large collection of planners, calendars, notebooks, binders, pens and much more! They keep their selections up to date, and offer some of the most adorable designs! I received a Penelope CYO notebook, a Nicole Miller Garden Stripe Memo Cube, a Navy Floral Pen, and a 17″ X 11″ Monthly Desk Calendar. The Penelope CYO notebook is an 8.5″ X 11″ planner  makes organizing and planning a breeze! It features monthly calendar tabs, a clear cover pocket, reduced ink bleed paper, and even has a spare contact/address pages. I really loved how easy it was to organize my events on a monthly view as well as a weekly view. The Nicole Miller Garden Stripe Memo Cube holds 3″ X 3″ note papers which is the perfect size for jotting down little notes. The notes do not have a sticky edge, which makes it super easy to only take as many as you need without wasting them. The Navy Floral Pen is a super stylish click top ballpoint pen with an adorable floral design. I always love ballpoint pens, and this pen was no different. The ink came out perfectly and I did not have to do that annoying “shake” thing when it started running out. The 17″ X 11″ Monthly Desk Calendar was by far my favorite product. It fit perfectly on my desk and added an adorable pop of color. This desk calendar has fairly thick pages, so I don’t have to worry about my notes bleeding onto the other pages. This is great for me to jot down when certain bills are due, or what day my meetings are. This would be a great gift for a college student needing to keep track of classes and exams! BlueSky really is a one-stop-shop for office/school supplies. Being an organized person, this website was like the heavens of planning ahead! 

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