Benko Box

I really love the idea behind this Benko Box! This monthly subscription box was created by a former Pre-K teacher who was interested in cognitive development. The goal with this box is to connect with children using art In this month’s box  my daughter and I received some washable paint, finger paint paper, body shaped finger paint paper, colorful tape, stickers, markers, paintbrushes, and a small canvas. My daughter had so much fun creating artwork! With the body shaped paper, I asked her to paint her body parts. She successfully drew her eyes, nose, mouth, and heart! With the canvas and regular paper, I let her express herself however she wanted to! We got some BEAUTIFUL masterpieces! My daughter was extremely proud of herself and couldn’t wait to show off her artwork! The paint washed off easily and didn’t stain her clothes, which means this could easily be an indoor “rainy day” activity. Subscriptions for Benko Box start at $23 a box for a 12 months, $24 a box for a 6 months, and $28 a box for a 1 month. Benko Box gave my daughter everything she needed to express herself and she is looking forward to next month’s box!

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