Connect+ Headphones from LilGadgets

These Connect+ wired headphones from LilGadgets are perfect for my two year old daughter! Connect+ headphones are made specifically  with children aged 2-7 in mind!  They are volume limited to 93db so I don’t have to worry about her watching her movies too loud and damaging her eardrums. It also has 13db passive noise reduction, so she can focus on her movie and not everything going on around her. One of my favorite features of these headphones is the LilGadgets SharePort®. Using the reinvented “buddy system”, I can connect multiple headphones to one device without needing a third party splitter.  I can simply connect one pair of headphones into the device, then plug a second pair of headphones into the other side of the first set headphones.

LilGadgets SharePort “Buddy System”

These headphones also offer an extremely soft headband which make them very comfortable to wear. My daughter sometimes has a bad habit of peeling the foam off of the ear covers, but thankfully these are sealed on fairly tight so she can’t remove them. She also has a bad habit of twisting the wires around and causing them to short out, but  these Connect+ wired headphones offer a 4 foot premium nylon braided cable which makes them virtually impossible to twist around!  There is no doubt in my mind that these headphones will last us MUCH longer than our last pair! Mommy and toddler approved for sure!

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