Customized Hand-Painted Jewelry Box from Parcel and Post Gifts

This small customized jewelry box is perfect for my daughter! This box measures 7″X4.5″X5″ and features two removable drawers as well as a small mirror on the inside lid. To customize, all I had to do was tell the shop owner what colors, theme, and name I wanted painted on it. Since my daughter’s room is princess themed and has lots of pinks, purples, and greens, the shop owner did a fantastic job of matching it perfectly to the image in my head! I loved the princess wand by her name and thought that was an adorable princess touch! I was extremely impressed with the shop turn-around. I ordered this jewelry box on Tuesday, and received it the following Friday. For such detailed work, I expected it to take much longer! My daughter’s eyes lit up when she seen this on her dresser. Now she knows exactly where to place her jewelry if she takes it off so that nothing gets lost!  I can’t wait to purchase her a matching custom stool!

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Sample Provided For Review


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