Lauryn Envelope Sling and Halo Post Earrings from Initial Outfitters

Initial Outfitters is a home party direct sales company that offers everything from jewelry to bags and home accessories. I was completely in awe looking at their wide variety of products in their latest catalog and it took me FOUR HOURS to decide on what I wanted! I finally decided on a Lauryn Envelope Sling and a pair of silver Halo Post earrings. The Lauryn Envelope Sling is completely customizeable (along with 99.9% of the other Initial Outfitters items) so I was able to personalize my bag from start to finish. This bag comes in five basic colors which include Metallic Pewter, Red, Taupe, Camel, and Nude. There are also 25 thread colors and 9 monogram fonts.  I chose the nude color bag with a brown dutchess stitch monogram. Since I am not a fan of huge purses, the Lauryn Envelope Sling is perfect for me!  It is 11.4″ X 7.4″ and features 19″ adjustable straps. It also features an interior zippered pocket as well as an exterior magnetic pocket. This makes it perfect for everyday use. I love being able to organize all of my items inside without having to dig for something like I did with my last purse. The quality and stitching on this Lauryn Envelope Sling is phenomenal. I was extremely impressed with the quality of this bag overall and expected it to be priced much higher than it actually is. Since I have sensitive ears, I was a little skeptical about trying the silver Halo Post earrings. These earrings (which also come in gold) are are about 5/8″ big. To me personally, that is the perfect size for stud earrings. So far after two days of wearing them, I have not had any reactions to the material. I really love how Initial Outfitters included care instructions for the earrings right on the back of the package. The instructions suggest storing these earrings away from the bathroom in an air-tight bag. They also suggest removing them before bed as well as avoiding soaps, hairspray and perfume. I can’t wait to contact my local sales rep to host a party, but until then I can simply order all of my goodies online (if i can decide on what I want next)

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