Raw Lemon Amber, Sky Quartz, and Hazelwood Necklace from Umai

I am a huge fan of natural teething necklaces and this Raw Lemon Amber with Sky Quartz and Hazelwood Necklace from Umai is no exception! Hazelwood helps control acidity issues in the body which makes it perfect for acid reflux, colic, heartburn and gerd while raw lemon amber helps issues associated with teething. The sky quartz is said to promote emotional equilibrium When heated by body heat, this necklace acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. It does a fantastic job controlling fever as well as excessive drooling.  Since my daughter is a bit older now, I thought I would have issues with her trying to yank the necklace off. Thankfully each bead is individually knotted so the beads can not slip off easily. The screw closure is also convenient so my daughter can’t pull the necklace off and lose it. Since there are a lot of “fake” amber necklaces on the market, it was nice that Umai included a certificate of authenticity with their necklace. The quality of this necklace is impeccable and my daughter adores it! Great purchase for a great price!

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