Dish Soap and Baby Wash from Little Twig

Little Twig’s slogan is “Natural Care For The Whole Family”, and that’s exactly what they provide! I was astonished at the wide variety that Little Twig has to offer! I received a bottle of the lemon fresh dish soap & bottle wash as well as a bottle of the berry pomegranate baby wash. The dish soap & bottle wash does not include any harmful chemicals or toxins and is completely vegan! I found that it is absolutely perfect for my daughter’s sippy cups. Sometimes it’s hard for me to clean the little cracks of the sippy cup lid, but this soap easily cut through the grime! It didn’t leave any slimy residue on her cups and left my hands feeling silky smooth! The 2-in-1 berry pomegranate baby wash is my daughter’s new favorite body wash. It is made with certified organic ingredients and is free of all dyes, phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. The amazing smell comes from a blend of calendula, chamomile, rosemary, and aloe! It is pH balanced, pediatrician tested, and can be used from head to toe! My daughter loves the rich later this body wash gives and always gets excited when she has a ton of “bubbles”. She also loves the sweet berry scent which lasts even after she gets out of the bathtub! I can’t wait to expand our Little Twig collection and try some of their other amazing products!

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