Biscotti and Kate Mack

My daughter and I are OBSESSED with Biscotti and Kate Mack clothing! Not only do they have an adorable line to choose from, their quality is amazing! My daughter received an adorable pink and cheetah print Kate Mack set. Their clothing is fairly true to size, so this set fit like a charm! The material on this set was extremely soft and the tulle tutu wasn’t too over-the-top. My daughter said the tutu was extremely fun to twirl! I love the detailing on this Kate Mack set. On the top there are adorable little rhinestones with a cute pink tulle bow.It was a fantastic touch to the bold cheetah print. I also really loved that the pants were a cute floral print instead of the same cheetah print as the top. Although the weather here in louisiana isn’t very cool yet, my daughter didn’t mind wearing this because it is EXTREMELY  breathable. She refused to take it off because she loved it so much! This Biscotti and Kate Mack set is a huge hit!

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