HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities App

HooplaKidz is a fantastic company that offers a wide variety of children’s videos, apps, games, and merchandise. Their latest children’s app, Nursery Rhyme Activities, is such a hit with my daughter! This app features some of our favorite old nursery rhymes such as Old McDonald, Pop Goes The Weasel, and I’m A Little Teapot. Each rhyme is partnered with a cute interactive game. For example, the Pop Goes The Weasel song is accompanied by a maze game where you have to help the weasel find his way to the other side. My daughter loves the variety of games this app has to offer such as puzzles, picture matching and counting.Unlike a lot of other children’s games on the market, I feel like she is actually learning something when she plays these games. She sings along to the rhymes without missing a beat, her puzzle-solving skills are improving tremendously, and she can count along all the way to 20! HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities is a free app with limited access, but I highly suggest unlocking the full version for $1.99. Unlocking the app will give your child access to 10 extra activities and will remove the ads! There’s nothing I hate more than my daughter clicking on an ad and being directed to the itunes store, then getting upset because she can’t get back to her game! This HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities App is worth every penny!

Download the HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme App on iTunes

Download the HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme App on Google Play

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