The Honest Company

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The Honest Company, created by Jessica Alba, is an eco-friendly company that strives in providing the best and most natural supplies on the market. Over the past few years, this company has excelled and has become a large household name. Not only are the majority of their products NFC approved, but they are entirely made of plant-based material!  Jessica-Alba-and-The-Honest-Company1.jpg

Their adorable diapers are latex and fragrance free which makes them as pure as possible. Unlike other diapers, their super-absorbent core is made with pulp from sustainably managed forests! Plus, with over 40 prints their diapers are just too cute to pass up! Besides diapers, The Honest Company also offers supplies for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding families! They offer two variations of infant formula, baby DHA drops, lactation pills, nipple creams, bottles, bibs and so much more! Their organic infant formula is modeled after breast milk and is extremely easy for babies to digest. They use non-GMO, high quality ingredients to ensure the best quality of their product.  Their silicone baby bottles are squeezable which mimics the feel of breastfeeding and makes the feeding experience as natural as possible. They also use an anti-colic tri-vent system which helps reduce gas, colic, reflux, and spit-up. To ensure that the entire family gets amazing quality products, The Honest Company also offers personal care items and cleaning supplies. Lotion, deodorant, bubble bath, and bug spray are just a few of the fantastic products the entire family can enjoy. Lets not forget their entire line of laundry care, dish care, and household cleaners! The-Honest-Company-Products-500x375.jpg

If you’re interested in trying The Honest Company today, sign up for a free trial membership! Simply pay $5.95 shipping and receive samples of some of their top-selling products (diapers & wipes bundle or essentials bundle) ! After your free seven day trial, The Honest Company will auto-enroll you into a convenient subscription mailed straight to your door! honest-company-bundle

This post is sponsored by Zambezi. Momma’s Little Reviews received compensation in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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