Hooked On Phonics: Learn To Read Digital Edition

My daughter has always loved to read. I have been in search of a program that will encourage her to continue expanding her vocabulary. The Hooked on Phonics Digital Edition (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) is absolutely perfect for her. This program offers lessons for Kindergarten and 1st grade and will include Pre-K and 2nd grade lessons in the near future. Although my daughter is not yet in school, she is tackling the kindergarten lessons head on! My five year old nephew is also taking advantage of the Hooked on Phonics Digital Edition. He is currently in first grade and is using Hooked on Phonics to keep him on track. The digital edition allows me to register up to 3 readers per account, so adding my nephew to my account was no additional charge! I can monitor each child’s progress individually to see how well they are doing and what they are struggling with the most. Since the digital edition syncs across all of my devices, they can view their lessons regardless of where we are. The Hooked on Phonics Digital Edition features over 200 songs, games, lessons, and ebooks which keep the children engaged. My daughter really loves earning trophies once she completes her lessons, and my nephew loves dancing along to the catchy videos! I found that this app is extremely interactive and easily adapts to help the kids with whatever they need the most. My two year old daughter can already correctly identify hundreds of words and my nephew has started reading full length stories! I would recommend this program to anyone with children who are beginning to read, as well as anyone with children who are currently struggling. In the few weeks we have had this program, I have seen rapid improvement with both of the children in my home.

Try a 10 Day Trial of Hooked On Phonics: Learn To Read Digital Edition for $1!

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