Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit from Bright Star Kids

When my daughter started attending play groups, I started noticing a need to write her name on everything. Lots of the children had the same cups, the same shoes, the same bathing suits and etc.  This Preschool & Daycare Labels Kit from Bright Star Kids had everything I could possibly need. This kit includes 10 large stick on labels, 30 small stick on labels, 80 tiny pencil labels, 10 shoe labels, 10 clear shoe protectors, and 30 clothing tag labels. I was able to customize the labels 100% by adding my daughter’s name, picking the color, changing the font, and adding an icon. On my daughter’s labels I put her name, chose a baby pink color with Kiddie font and a butterfly icon. For my nephew I put his name, red color with Round font and a spaceship icon. Both of the sets came out absolutely perfect! I love how these came with instructions so that I could apply the labels without fear of them coming off. Once applied correctly these labels are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washing machine safe, and dryer safe! When I placed a small label onto my daughter’s headphones I noticed that these are not like average stickers. They’re much higher quality and are not easy to peel off. This reassures me that no one can take the label off and claim the headphones as their own! These labels are a MUST HAVE for anyone in school, sports, or daycare!

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