Little Tikes Hoop It Up! Play Center

My daughter is OBSESSED with toy balls, so I knew this Little Tikes Hoop It Up! Play Center would be perfect for her! This Hoop It Up! Play Center comes with the Hoop It Up! ball pit, twenty air-filled balls, three plush sports balls, and two inflatable basketballs. It required hardly any setup and my daughter was able to play with it within a few minutes of me removing it from the box. I did not have a pump to blow this up, however I was able to blow it up by mouth without any help. 20161018_120129.jpg Measuring 41″L x 36″W x 52″H, it is the perfect size for my two year old daughter as well as my 6 year old nephew! They can hop in and jump around with all of the balls and even toss the inflatable basketball through an attached hoop! Since this play center only weighs 5.4 pounds, I can easily move it around the house and even bring it outside in the yard. It is small enough to fit in the corner of our living room, but large enough for more than one child. Once we set it up, I decided to take it outside.PicMonkey Collage.jpg Seeing my daughter play in this was awesome. She absolutely loved everything about it. As a mom, I really love how soft this play center is. I don’t have to worry about any of the kids hurting themselves while inside. I also noticed that the basketball goal had a slight slit in it, which I can only assume is so children can’t climb in and get stuck (let’s face it, our kids are part monkey). I have no complaints about this Little Tikes Hoop It Up! Play Center! It’s a slam dunk for sure!

Where To Buy?picmonkey-collage10.jpg

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