Ocean Raiders & Cloud Hopper Math Games from Logic Roots

My nephew Nathaniel has been struggling with his math work in school so I started searching for a way to make learning math fun. Ocean Raiders & Cloud Hopper Math Games from Logic Roots really helped Nathaniel improve his addition and subtraction skills. Ocean Raiders is made for children 5+ and focuses on addition.This game came with a game board, four markers, four dry erase boards, an eraser cloth, dice, and four player piece. The focus of the game is to use your math skills to dive deep into the ocean and reach the treasure. The person that reaches sector-49 first wins the game! The first round of the game, each player will roll the dice and place their coin on that number. The rest of the game the players roll the dice and then ADD that number to the number they are already on. For example, if I roll a 5 the first round I will set my coin on the number 5. If I roll a 4 the next round, I will set my coin on the number 9 (5+4=9). It is a very easy concept and reinforces eight core math skills such as number sequencing and number recognition.The Cloud Hopper game focuses more on subtraction and is great for kids 6+. The game came with one game board, eight alien pieces, dice, and a rule book. The focus of this game is to use your math skills to get your alien to the magic flower. The first player to get both of their aliens to the magic flower, wins! The game begins with each player placing their aliens on the spaceship (number 50). Each turn, players roll the dice and subtract that number from their current number. For example, if I start at 50 and roll a 7 I will need to place my alien on the number 43 (50-7=43). If I roll an 8 on my next turn I will need to move my alien to 35 (43-8=35). This game reinforces subtraction and backwards counting. Both of these games were EXTREMELY easy to understand and my nephew was able to play them without my help. These games are a great way to sneak in some math practice without making the kids feel like they’re doing homework!

Click here to purchase Ocean Raiders or click here to learn more about it.

Click here to purchase Cloud Hopper or click here to learn more about it.

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  1. Great review Jessica! I am so impressed by your amazing review.By this review ur helping so many people to select the best educational math games for their kids..I am gonna buy these games soon 🙂


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