Scrub Bugs

Do you ever think about how many things our kids touch throughout the day? What about the number of germs our kids bring home? As parents we know the smart thing to do is to teach our children to wash their hands often, but did you know that may not be enough? Experts say it takes 15 to 20 seconds of vigorous hand washing to kill infection causing germs, yet people only wash their hands for 6 seconds on average. Thanks to these ADORABLE Scrub Bugs children not only want to wash their hands more often, but their hands are 3X cleaner than regular hand washing! Scrub Bugs were inspired by surgeons who have to vigorously wash their hands before each and every surgery. Each Scrub Bug features a surgeon’s sponge and soft scrub-up bristles. The small and thick design makes it extremely easy for children to get a grip on the device so cleaning is a breeze. When I introduced my daughter Kinsley to the Scrub Bug, she was extremely excited. Every time she went to the bathroom or needed to wash her hands, she immediately reached for her bug. I definite noticed an increase in the number of times she requested to clean up.  Not only did she start washing more often, but I noticed that she would wash longer because the Scrub Bug “tickled” her hand! The surgeon’s sponge helped Kinsley lather up, which in turn created more fun bubbles! This is definitely a must-have for all parents. Scrub Bugs are super adorable and extremely genius!

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  1. Okay these are cute! This will definitely have my kids going from, “but I don’t want to” to “Mommy I need to wash my hands with this”.


  2. I have never heard of them but it look so cute. I have a niece who will definitely love it. Hopefully I can find it in London!


  3. This would be a nice gift for kids. It’s going to encourage them to practice good hygiene. It’s definitely something that I would consider to give the kids at home.


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