Disney On Ice: Follow Your Heart

I was beyond excited to learn that my daughter Kinsley and I would be attending Disney On Ice: Follow Your Heart. We truly enjoyed the last Disney On Ice show so I knew this show would be just as magical. This particular Disney On Ice show features some of my personal favorite characters such as Ariel, Belle, Anna, and Elsa! I was also excited to see Inside Out and the Finding Dory on the ice for the very first time! We received tickets to the Disney On Ice: Follow Your Heart opening night (May 5th, 2017) at the Raising Canes River Center in Baton Rouge. When we arrived at the Raising Canes River Center, I was able to find a parking space within a few minutes. Located directly behind the center is a multi-level car garage. The venue itself was extremely nice.  When we first walked in, Disney On Ice had multiple booths set up selling souvenirs and refreshments. They also had multiple photo booths so the kids could take photos with Minnie, Mickey, and Ariel!

PicMonkey Collage

We got our food and drinks fairly quickly and started looking for our seats. I found it extremely helpful that the usher at the door knew exactly where our seats were. I was able to show him our tickets and he guided us in the right direction. We had seats in section 201 Row B which is right in the front! We had a perfect view!   The Raising Canes River Center is designed in a huge circle, so no matter where we would’ve sat we would’ve had an excellent view. Kinsley was extremely excited for the show to start (she had been talking about this for almost two weeks). When the show finally started we were greeted by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy and the arena went crazy! Kisnely couldn’t keep her eyes off of the stage! 20170505_191220.jpg

Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy made their way around the arena and got the crowd pretty hyped up. They made a few laps around the rink stopping at random sides to wave at the kids. As usual, they did a fantastic job of interacting with all of the children.


The first act introduced was Inside Out. Riley, Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness and Fear came on stage and began to help Riley prepare for her big game. Joy was the highlight of this act. She was super bubbly and ran around the stage interacting with the children. They even had little balls to represent “core memories”.

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In the middle of Inside Out, Joy mentioned that Riley needed to be a “beast” for the game. As soon as Beast was mentioned, Belle and The Beast entered the stage and began the second act. This was personally my favorite act of the night. The cast performed a huge dance number to “Be My Guest”! After Belle and the Beast left the stage, the cast of inside out appeared back on stage for a brief moment, followed by Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. They ran around stage chasing a magical sorcerer hat. When Mickey finally caught the hat, he cast a spell which make all of the brooms come alive! This dance number brought me back to my childhood when I watched Fantasia on repeat!20170505_192500.jpg

 Riley and her Inside Out crew returned to the stage so Riley could compete in her hockey playoff! Of course Riley made the game winning shot! After Riley won her game, Inside Out introduced all of the Disney Princesses one by one! Each princess had their own mini-act! Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Merida, Mulan, Cinderella, Snow White and Tiana all made appearances! They then did an adorable dance number about believing in yourself.20170505_194825.jpg

After a 15 minute intermission, Mickey and his crew appeared on stage and introduced Finding Dorey. This was my daughter’s favorite act. There were lots of adorable sea creatures and beautiful pieces of coral! I was super excited that Hank made an appearance and was larger than life! The Toy Story crew also made a brief appearance and performed a quick two-step routine and really got the crowd on their feet!

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The final act of the night was Frozen. This act featured lots of the classic Frozen songs! It started with with Anna and Elsa playing as children then quickly forwarded to “First Time In Forever” at the coronation ball. When Elsa revealed her magic there were amazing pyrotechnics which made it seem extremely realistic! Olaf made his appearance shortly after singing his song “Summer” and Elsa reappeared to sing her musical hit “Let It Go”. These were obvious crowd favorites since EVERYONE in the audience began singing along! I personally loved how they had fake snow falling from the ceiling during most of this act to make it seem more realistic.

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All of the amazing acts rushed the stage for the Finale. They performed a quick little dance routine and each character got a bit of spotlight. They circled the stage waving at the kids and blowing kisses into the audience. Disney On Ice: Follow Your Heart was by far the best Disney On Ice show I have ever had the pleasure of watching and I was extremely sad that it was over! I am not sure who wants to go back more…..me or the kids! Such an unbelievably magical night.


*For showtimes and ticket information, visit the Disney On Ice website. Tickets are still available throughout the weekend and range from $15 to $55. Showtimes include Saturday May 6th at 1:00pm and 6:00pm, as well as Sunday May 7th at 1:00pm and 7:00pm. You can purchase tickets and check seat availability on Ticketmaster.*

This review was brought to you courtesy of Feld Entertainment.

*I am a Feld Family Ambassador and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, Feld Entertainment has provided me with complimentary tickets to Feld shows and opportunities to attend private Feld pre-show events*

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  1. My little and I didn’t attend the Disney on Ice this year yet. It seemed to be mostly princesses that were coming and I just knew he wasn’t going to be interested, but we did attend last year and he loevd all the lights! I hope your littles enjoyed themselves.


  2. Sounds like you all had a great evening together. Disney on ice looks like a magical Kingdom of fun for kids. I am sure my kids would enjoy this visual treat. We don’t have such shows in my part of the world though. Loved the photos.


  3. Now, this is a great family outing. Your kids are so focused watching 🙂 And I love how you share the experience with us. I almost felt like I´ve been there. And now I want to take my lovelies. Am also a big kid who still loves goofy.


  4. This sounds like something my daughters would love. I hope I get to take them someday. Although I’ll be honest…the “Find Nemo” on Ice characters kind of creep me out.


  5. I think it’s a great way to spend time with the kids especially since they’ll get to see their favorite characters! I miss watching this with the kids! They are all grown up now.


  6. It does look like such a beautiful show. I know that Disney on Ice has come to my area before and we haven’t been able to see it yet. But I know that my daughter and I want to. We will definitely be checking it out when it comes. And the Fantasia spot looked beautiful.


  7. Wow! This is beautiful, I wish I was there. Kids are lucky these days and I guess moms too, there are many amazing places to go to for entertainment!


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