Gululu: The Interactive Water Bottle

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During the summer it is super important to keep your children hydrated. I live in South Louisiana where temperatures can reach over 109 on any given day, so it is extra important for me to make sure my daughter stays hydrated. Of course, this isn’t always easy to do since my daughter is so active. She never wants to stop what she’s doing to cool off and drink some water. When she does stop to take a drink, I can never keep track of how much she keeps down.  Thankfully I recently found a product that solves these issues. Gululu is an interactive water bottle that keeps children hydrated while allowing their parents to monitor daily water-drinking intake through an app.2018 GululuGo INS post1.jpgGululu provides a technology-enabled solution with a learning-through-play mechanism to address issues pertaining to children’s wellbeing. The water bottle tracks hydration and encourages the child to drink with the help of an educational pet-growing game. As kids consume more water from their Gululu bottle, their virtual pet grows and unlocks new worlds and adventures at the “Gululu Universe.” This means that not only are kids drinking more water, but they are having fun while doing so! “Gululu Go” is the latest addition to the brand’s innovative line—it features a sound speaker, which allows the Gululu virtual pets to speak directly to children.  These pets feature over 200 phrases and different voices for the individual pet characters​ making each user experience unique.​Every couple of weeks, Gululu introduces additional features, such as new online campaigns, drinking animations, pet accessories, sound effects, and more. These exciting additions are all automatically updated into the bottle through the cloud. Children can redeem accessories for their pets with the virtual coins collected along their journey of discovering the Gululu Universe.Gululu app DisplayAs a parent, I love the idea of getting my daughter excited about drinking water and staying hydrated. Not only is she choosing water over sugary drinks, but she is more willing to more overall to make sure her virtual pet stays healthy! Gululu truly is a smart solution to a growing problem. The device is not only user-friendly, but offers a fun interactive way to promote children’s health!

Are you ready to get your child excited about staying hydrated? Head over to the Gululu Go Website and sign up for a 25% off code today!

 Gululu Go Pre-sale: May 2018 & On Sale: August 20180G5A0910副本 (1).jpg

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  1. I need a water bottle that talks when someone picks it up, lol. My son has had three come up missing in his summer camp (even with labels, which they all had). I’m going to stop sending them and he’ll have to use the fountain. I like this one for my granddaughter!


  2. This is a great idea and I think it would work very well with adults as well. We all need a little bit of childish entertainment in our lives, and why not when it comes with benefits too? I know I don’t drink enough water


  3. I love these bottles, they seem bit pricey but they are really worth it. Plus all the colors these bottles come in are so cute.


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