Spring Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Tommee Tippee

Spring is here and baby shower season is in full swing! If you are like me, you struggle finding decent baby shower gifts that the mom-to-be is going to love. That is why I tend to stick to the basics. Tommee Tippee always provides amazing products that are proven to be a favorite amongst all moms both new and old. These products can be found in most major retail locations such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Babies R’ Us. No matter where the mom-to-be is registered, you can check Tommee Tippee off of her list! 20180410_183204.jpg

Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle– The new Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle from Tommee Tippee is proven to reduce colic for less gas, less spit up and less discomfort. The unique 3-piece anti-colic straw draws air away from milk while the star valve prevents milk from travelling back up the tube. Tommee Tippee even goes a step further to include heat sensing technology that turns the straw pink when baby’s feed is too hot! These bottle feature award-winning breast-like nipples for a natural latch and guaranteed acceptance.

Closer To Nature Bottle– This Tommee Tippee bottle is a classic! The breast-like shape guarantees a natural latch and the smooth silicone nipple feels closer to skin. Closer to Natures Bottles are compatible with all Closer to Nature nipples, excluding Advanced Anti-Colic and Ultra nipples. These bottles are available in a wide range of ounces, pack sizes, colors & decorations.

Night Time PacifiersThese pacifiers are available in 3 age stages which include 0-6m, 6-18m & 18-36m. The reversible pacifier nipple makes it easier for babies to correctly insert the pacifier. 68% of babies accepted this new style pacifier first time, compared to just 43% for the old style.

Fun Style Pacifiers–  These pacifiers are also available in 3 age stages which include 0-6m, 6-18m & 18-36m. They feature a symmetrical orthodontic shape designed to support natural oral development and have a reversible pacifier nipple which makes it easier for babies to correctly use the pacifier.

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